Savanna Registration Simplified!

Welcome to The American Savanna Registry

The Savanna goat industry has boomed in the last few years and a new registry was needed to blend the growing needs of this unique animal and its producers. Savanna breeders now have one central location to register goats with a quick and easy process that takes less paperwork, less time and less hassle. ASR recognizes all major Savanna registries and allows for easy transfer and registration of all Savanna goats and their offspring. ASR transactions also cost less — so now you can save money while you save time.

Our Philosophy

One might ask: Why do we need another Savanna goat registry?

The answer is simple. We need a registry that focuses more on the production points of the Savanna goat and less on what has come to be called “fancy points” — such as skin and hair color, horn color and pigment.